“I don’t want people to say I’m back because I did not go anywhere you know, I’ve been around, still in the entertainment business learning other aspects of it and still trying to make music. I’d rather say, I’m here and I’m ready to put myself and my music out there for Africa to hear” Says the African female artist who is no stranger to the limelight as she has been a popular television personality on Africa Magic’s Good Morning Africa as well as a regular presenter on Africa’s latest music and entertainment TV and YouTube channels, PlanetTV, HFtvAfrica and KinnakaTV.

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A little back ground on her music career, Zinnia was the National Song Competition (Mutzig Star, Cameroon) winner a couple of years back and Nescafe African Revelation winner with the group BAAM who worked with famous music producer Wayne Beckford who produced their hit single ‘Stand Up’. With her winnings and a dream to chase, Zinnia took a risk and moved to Johannesburg, South Africa where she followed her other passion for entertainment working in television. She is now stepping back into the music game with her first official Single BONGO the Remix, a song that has a distinguished African sound, with undertones of highlife, Afro Jazz, a touch of South African House music and her ZMagic. She features Cameroons finest Stanley Enow in this new twist.  “I chose BONGO as the first single because it’s a song that could be from anywhere in the continent, it’s a song that Africans of all ages can enjoy and dance to but I don’t want people to think this is my sound.


I’m an artist and the African music industry right now is a blank canvas, we can explore different sounds so my next release might be something completely different. I want to experiment and keep surprising the fans so am pretty excited to release more music and let the fans be a part of shaping the direction I’ll be going with my music. The ZMagic will be the identity” She says. There has definitely been an influx of female artists coming on to the scene and Zinnia believes it’s time for female artists to step up their game and compete with the boys who have dominated the industry for the most part. “It’s been absolutely amazing seeing so many females come into the music industry recently. No doubt these women taking that step forward is also what gave me the push to get my own music out there. My music is also about empowering the African child and woman towards finding their happy spot so I hope that even as we compete which is healthy for any developing industry, we can also support each other the same way the boys are working together, so we can really start to make an impact as female artists” Female artists in Africa haven’t been consistent, which is one of the reasons Africa doesn’t yet have a female artist in the same league as the male artists; will Zinnia be different? “Well, I don’t plan on stopping especially since it’s been such a hard climb to get here and I know it’s not and won’t be easy . It’s my dream; to sing and be a great performing artist, entertaining millions of people so I’m committed. Music is at the forefront of uniting the continent right now, so I hope as  Africans we will rally behind each other and and keep supporting.” About my single BONGO? “BONGO is a fun upbeat Afro/mixed flare dance song with the Zmagic that depicts our daily life encounters, challenges, situations, pursuit for happiness..etc  It is a song that expresses the joy that comes with achievement, success and laughter. A celebration song, your celebration dance, your happy moment,your winning move…Lol” Watch Zinnia’s official BONGO video and let us know what you think!





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