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Newly signed Blu Nation artist Tzy Pantchak is still basking in the glory of his fresh 25.000.000 FCFA record deal but that is not stopping the 26-year-old from speaking out his mind about a pertinent issue that has recently been on debate among Anglophone artists and fans. There is seemingly a big conflict in opinion among artists and music fans from the English-speaking parts of Cameroon when it comes to Anglophone artists singing mostly in French.
In a recently published interview, Tzy Pantchak, when asked what his thoughts were about Anglophone artists singing mostly in French, the artist had this to say:

“Yeah, that’s true some anglophone artists now sing in mostly French because they know the francophones run the music business in Cameroon and so they want to sell out. My honest opinion is that those artists are cowards, reasons being you can’t be a chief in your village and you address your people using a language that they don’t understand. You need to represent your people the right way and that’s putting your language out there so that wherever they maybe, they will be like wow this artist is making us proud .The francophones act like they don’t understand English but when an Artist like Wizkid comes from Nigeria they will sing all his lyrics from start to finish But when it’s an anglophone artist they will be like you need to sing in French to succeed . That’s so f**king wrong and we need to change that stupid mentality.”

Evidently, this debate had been lurking in the shadows of Anglophones’ minds long before it came to the public. Just a little over a month ago when Alpha Beta Records artist, Mr Leo released his most recent single ‘Kemayo’, the heat came on and the question many Anglophones were asking was why the artist had chosen to sing mainly in French. In response to this Alpha Bet Records boss Salatiel spoke up in Mr Leo’s defence on Facebook in these words

“I hate long talks but on this issue I think I will be a little longer than usual.
This is to all those uninformed and ungrateful over sabi online critics complaining about anglophones singing in French… wekeh!
We live in a country that is 80:20% francophone to anglophone population and 250 dialeths. For any business person that analysis tells it all.
We are Cameroonian artist, not anglophone artists
The reason we break grounds and put English phrases on the mouth of everyCameroonian from the bottom to the top even to the presidency; phrases like “E go better”, “Don petite soeur dey for rendez-vous any thing you want am na fap kolo”, “…. if u carry belle my sister is beg no troway”, “I don waka no be small……” just to name a few and countless from Jovi LeMonstre is because we do songs understood 100% by francophones and anglophones, & to me that is genius and the reason why some people pass some one dem.
Maybe you did not know “I am Salatiel” Father from Kribi (Batanga) and mother from Mamfé (bayangi) but today I am considered 100% anglophone because I want it that way. I am Cameroonian”

Could the polarity in these two views be an indication of a deep-seated internal Anglophone problem…? Or could it be one of those ‘Disagree to agree’ situations???



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