Daddy D. is a young Cameroonian rapper with originality, class and style. He is just 26 years old and has made a remarkable imprint in the Cameroon music industry especially after the release of his latest video titled “AGO TOKAM”. It is quite interesting to note that this artist is purely a gospel artist but it has not always been so. He has been in the entertainment industry since in his early years, when he was still in Secondary School.
Known then as STICKY, he advanced rapidly in his label and stood as one of BAHOOD RECORDS’ finest and core artists in Bamenda, Cameroon.
Having worked back then with Cameroon icons like Magasco, Ambe, Funky, and more, he was heading for the stars when all of a sudden, after coming to Buea for his university studies, he announced he was now born again and no longer a part of secular music. This came as a shock to many, some of who scorned and wondered how long he will keep up the charade or whatever he was up to at the time. Before they could get over that shock, Sticky had become Apostle Lefor Divine D. also known as the Apostle of Wisdom. But all hope was not lost because despite the success of his Ministry which he founded and is the General Overseer in Buea (Wisdom Center International), he never gave up on music.
He says it is and will always be a part of him and a major arm of his Ministry. He then started Wisdom Records that has produced quite a number of outstanding gospel artists and is changing the way gospel music is viewed in our time.
So although a pastor, his music career is still soaring and he promises to “take over the music industry for Christ”. He has worked with Chillen Muzic, 2A’s Records, HiTv and other popular media houses. He says it’s not just music, there will be movies, fashion and all what the entertainment industry is about. He is known for his zeal, tenacity and focus. We are compelled to take him serious, taking into consideration he has been an actor in the past too.
His AGO TOKAM Remix video is gaining popularity quickly with many views online and on media outlets. He has also announced the release of his next single (audio) on the 11th of December 2016. His fans can’t wait for this special hit to drop titled “TRANSFORMED”. He is no ordinary rapper, but one who believes is on a mission. We can only imagine the future for this great uprising music star. What will the world say about this kind of pastor? We can only imagine that too!
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Nkwain Ettiene Chiambah is born from Kom, in the N. W. Region of Cameroon. He has a degree in Nursing from the University of Buea Cameroon after which he further his studies in, film making, Television and Video Production, photography and graphic Designing. He started as a musician/ producer when he was in the Secondary School and due to his passion for music, arts and entertainment, he founded Chillen Media, which is a Multimedia and communication company with brands like Starbillang, chillen muzic entertainment, CMTV, CM2, Chillen Media Academy, CMTV Online and Chillen Media Studios. Today, he stars as a creative Director/Producer and C.E.O. of Chillen Media. Nkwain E. Chiambah, popularly known as Master Chill has and is still contributing enormously to the growth of the Cameroonian Entertainment Industry through his works and the sky is his limit.

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