Over three months Internet cuts in the South West Region of Cameroon led to the paralysis of our famous ‘SILICON MOUNTAIN’ (IT City of Buea, Cameroon) with the shutdown and relocation of so many IT start ups in Buea. Early this morning, the Silicon Mountain (Mt. Fako, Buea) glows again with the rising sun after a period of over 3 months of internet cuts and this time, NEVER to be paralyzed again for any reason. Internet is back in the South West Region of Cameroon. IT technology is the future.

Drone Photography by Nkwain Chiambah



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Nkwain Ettiene Chiambah is born from Kom, in the N. W. Region of Cameroon. He has a degree in Nursing from the University of Buea Cameroon after which he further his studies in, film making, Television and Video Production, photography and graphic Designing. He started as a musician/ producer when he was in the Secondary School and due to his passion for music, arts and entertainment, he founded Chillen Media, which is a Multimedia and communication company with brands like Starbillang, chillen muzic entertainment, CMTV, CM2, Chillen Media Academy, CMTV Online and Chillen Media Studios. Today, he stars as a creative Director/Producer and C.E.O. of Chillen Media. Nkwain E. Chiambah, popularly known as Master Chill has and is still contributing enormously to the growth of the Cameroonian Entertainment Industry through his works and the sky is his limit.

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